How To Whiten Armpits

Underarm Whitening is often the desire of many women. Cause armpit because black is the anatomy of the body that makes underarm skin rub one another. In addition, shaving and plucking is also the cause of underarm discolor the skin, because it causes micro-abrasions. When healed, the wound was caused by the darkening of the skin. You may not realize this, but you can easily confirm it by putting alcohol on your underarms after you remove or shave her armpits. It will be very painful because of the blisters. Currently, you stand armpit hair, and the hair follicle becomes large.

Waxing can also cause trauma to the skin. Some deodorants also cause allergies and skin irritation resulting in darkening the armpit. There are also other less common causes, such as skin asthma. Excess weight also worsens the pigmentation and darkens some areas of the body, including the neck, armpits, and behind the knees.

If you want to whiten armpit naturally, do the following things:

Lemon and Tawas: Cut lemon crosswise and remove seeds. After the bath, rub lemon on the armpit. Then, with a circular motion, rub powdered alum on armpits. Let soak.

Lemon and Honey with Tawas: Mix one tablespoon lemon juice with one tablespoon honey. Rub the mixture on underarms. Leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do this before bathing. You can also dab a little powdered alum afterwards.

Lemon and Cucumber: Wash your armpits with a mixture of grated cucumber mixed with lemon for about 20 minutes. After that, wash off with warm water. Lime juice and whiting: The trick is to redden the grain of lime juice and mix with a little whiting. Brush under the armpit and leave for 15 minutes away before washing with clean water. Do it three times a week.

Using lemon juice: The trick, mix the lemon juice has been squeezed with grated cucumber. Stir until evenly distributed. Then, put the dough in the armpits about 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water using a mixture of water and lime whiting: Spread the mixture on your armpits after every shower. Let the water soak into the skin.

Avoid using deodorant at the time. Do it for one to two weeks. Rinse the armpits to clean in the bath, so that no residual powder and deodorant is left behind. You can go back to underarm skin color to normal with the treatment of the way – this way, but to maintain it, you must eliminate all other sources that cause the skin to darken. If black is the cause of your underarm irritation deodorant, then you should throw it in the trash now. Laser hair removal is also an option to withdraw and avoid shaving her armpits, and get rid of unwanted hair for the rest of your life, even also can smooth underarm skin.

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