How to Maintain Dental and Verbal Health

In Indonesia today, verbal health is not a top priority in life. Society is not too serious when responding to emerging problems related to teeth and mouth. They presume the teeth and mouth does not have a significant role in human health. Communities in developing countries become indifferent to the health of your teeth and mouth because of what they had in mind was to check the teeth and mouth will spend a lot of cost and them do not have the budget for it. Therefore, verbal and dental care in the community became scarce, and they preferred making money to meet their primary needs of the need to conduct verbal examinations. This condition makes the absence of a habit for some people in dental checkups so that they come only if the teeth and mouth disease has been severe. Prevention of dental and verbal abnormalities.

IMPORTANT!: Control of the four factors at play, by the way: Brushing your teeth

Provision of Fluoride

Reduce foods that are sweet and sticky to the dentist here are some ways that you can take care of your teeth and mouth so that you do not have teeth and mouth disease: Familiarize yourself to brush your teeth at least twice a day, that is, after breakfast and before bed at night. When sleeping, your mouth shut and do not circulate, causing saliva, bacteria will breed more than twice as much. Bacteria are more and more will damage your teeth and gums. Therefore, brush your teeth before bed is very important to prevent tooth and gum problems worse.

We recommend that you brush your teeth immediately after eating foods that are sweet and sticky. Sweet food scraps that are not immediately cleared the main cause of cavities. Similarly, sticky foods, these foods should be cleaned so as not to accumulate and the more difficult to clean later. Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Many people presume that brushing harder will be the net result. This assumption is wrong because brushing with hard will cause erosion of the email (protective layer) teeth.

Apply a good way to brush your teeth and correct. Brush your teeth with a direction upwards and downwards or from the gum towards the tooth tip. We recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months or when bristles are blooming. The placement of the toothbrush must also be considered. Lay it on the toothbrush in the bathroom with the cover closed or put in a cupboard behind the mirror in your bathroom to avoid contamination of germs and bacteria.

The benefits gained when realizing and taking care of teeth and mouth with a routine and regular. Teeth clean and healthy mouth will surely make you more comfortable in running activities so that whatever you do will be more focused. All these things cannot be realized if you do not have an awareness of caring for teeth and verbal health.

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