How To Root An Already Cut Rose and Make It Bloom With This Fabulous Trick

Roses are the most amazing flowers. Many women love them and love getting them as a surprise, but we all know that these beautiful flowers can’t last long. In our article today, we’re going to present you a very practical trick on how to cut a rose, so that it can bloom beautifully and last longer! It’s a fantastic trick!

How to root a cut rose with this fabulous trick?

Rooting a cut rose has never been easier! This method is truly spectacular.

The gardening trick is very easy and you’ll only need several things that you probably already have at home.

Following this amazing trick step by step will help you root a cut rose and then keep your amazing flower alive for a long period of time!

You need:

  • The stem of a rose
  • A knife
  • A flower pot
  • A potato
  • A plastic bottle


As soon as you’ve gathered all of the necessary items, start doing this:
First, use the knife to make a hole right in the middle of the potato.

The rose stem should be put inside that hole.

Then, put the soil in the selected pot. Leave some empty area in the middle. You should put the potato there and the stem should be up.

After that, cut the bottle in its base. You should insert it in the stem.

You should water the soil every day for 7 days.

After the time passes, you’ll notice that the stem will cast the first leaves. Now, wait for the flowers.

 The trick is extremely effective! Try it out and you’ll fill your garden with beautiful and enchanting roses!

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