Choose the Most Stupid Guy and Find Out More About Your Personality

You are probably very curious about your own personality. So, here is an easy test that will tell you something about your character.

 All you need to do is to make a choice which of the 4 people in the image is the most stupid.

If you decided to go with number 1, we are sad to inform you that you give up too easily. You often think that you have no power in influencing the situation, so you just accept what has been served. Fights and scandals make you sad, so you prefer quietness and peacefulness. You are an honest and kind human being.

Choosing number 2 means that you sometimes make some careless decisions. You make mistakes as a result of not thinking and analyzing the situation. Although, a lot of people see you as a headstrong person.

Going with number 3 makes you a person that cannot easily give up on things. You always use your last strength to fight for justice. You are capable of becoming a successful businessman since you see strategies as a hobby.

Finally, choosing number 4 means you are a rebellious person. In situations in which you want to prove something, you are able to fight even against yourself. However, these tricks prevent your rational thinking. A true revolutionary is what describes you the best!

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