The Body Warns You 1 Month Before a Cardiac Infarction: 8 Hidden Signs Everyone Should Know!

In recent years the figures have fallen considerably thanks to the level of information that has been virtualized by all the television media and social networks. People are still dying and it is necessary to continue reporting on the symptoms that our body presents when we are about to suffer cardiac Infarction.

Many ignore the fact that the body gives some signals a month before suffering a heart attack. These are so common that they tend to get confused, but when they appear in a crowded fashion, there should be no doubt whatsoever and we have to go with a doctor as soon as possible.



When the pulsation becomes very irregular it is very dangerous, in fact, it is one of the most common signs of a heart attack. You may feel dizzy, tired and even with difficulty breathing.

Loss of hair strands:

This is due to an aggravated deficit of circulation, that is, the blood does not circulate properly through our body and does not reach the head. The lack of oxygenation causes this and other neurological discomforts.


As blood does not circulate very well, oxygen is lost and the organism weakens, therefore, the immune system also does so and allows microorganisms to penetrate the body and cause colds and other diseases.


It is very common that this symptom occurs before cardiac arrest as well as cold sweating. As many will know, the blood must be distributed throughout the body, when it does not do so correctly it affects the temperature of several areas of the same and generates serious cerebral discomforts.


When the heart does not work or does not work correctly, it is true that we are fatigued, want to do nothing and have an unpleasant sensation of pain in the body.

Respiratory problems:

It is as if you had run a marathon, it can be even too exasperating. The lack of oxygenation tends to cause this type of discomfort, especially when the heart fails and we do not realize it.

The pressure in the chest:

You feel as if you have someone sitting on your chest and you can not remove that feeling from there, you feel drowned, afraid and desperate. It is the main sign of severe heart failure.


If you go out for a walk, shopping or doing activities that do not require a lot of effort and you still get tired, you may be at nothing to have a heart attack, take precautions.

If you have had or have these discomforts, immediately see a doctor. It is always better to be aware of what happens in our body, even for apparently common symptoms. Remember that your health is paramount.

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