Lemon and Apple Vinegar to Get Rid Of Plantar Warts in No Time!

Plantar warts are very common, especially among young people. Attend swimming pools, gyms and common areas in which your feet come in contact with moist surfaces increases the risk of encountering this problem.One thing you should know is that plantar warts originate in the HPV or human papilloma virus. Although sodium nitride is a solution, in case that they are not very serious, it is possible to opt for simple natural remedies.

Vinegar to treat plantar warts

The type of vinegar that we will use for our treatment is pure, untreated, directly obtained from the fermentation of the fruit. It’s different from what you use in the kitchen and retains its properties in the most genuine way and medicine, which allows its topical use.

The benefits of apple vinegar to treat plantar warts are based on the following principles:

  • The apple vinegar contains is very effective to cure infections and viruses such as HPV or human papilloma.
  • The vinegar also promotes an alkaline environment to combat any viruses, bacteria or harmful agent that affects the skin. Restoring the pH and is very effective in the case of plantar warts.
  • Another fact to take into consideration is its high content of alpha acids, able to treat skin wounds or infected by a virus, such as HPV.

Lemon to treat plantar warts

As you know, when appear warts, dermatologists treat them with chemical exfoliation or injections, in order to burn or freeze the virus that causes them. The process is painful, but effective.

An easy way to try to eliminate them, especially during the early stages (when there is a single wart and not several distributed, almost always, by way of satellites or mosaic), it’s worth trying these natural remedies.

The juice of  lemon is an option that can help plantar warts will disappear within a few weeks. This is due to the acidic components of the lemon, the power antiviral, anti fungal and antibacterial.
The use of lemon must be accompanied by vinegar of natural and organic apples to get an effective treatment.

How to implement the treatment against plantar warts

First, we must be aware that the treatment will last an average of two weeks. During the time it takes, you have to be consistent and take care of your health, because, in general, the virus that causes it is contagious.


Realize our treatment every day, morning and evening. Once you’re out of the shower, apply on the plantar wart a cotton swab moistened with apple cider vinegar.

Let remains well impregnated, and let stand for 15 minutes.

Lemon application

After wetting the wart with vinegar, apply a thin slice of lemon and let the active ingredients come into contact with the infected area.

Let spend about 5 minutes and then dry the sole of the foot. We will end our treatment by applying tea tree oil.
The tea tree oil is an excellent antibacterial, ideal for treating warts and prevent it from extending. If desired, another preventive option is to pour the inside of the shoes  a few drops of this oil.

Nightly treatment

In the evening you have to wash the feet. Discard any residual moisture that favors the appearance of additional bacteria.

Before going to bed, again we apply the vinegar on the plantar wart. The next step is to apply a lemon slice on the affected area and hold it in place with a plaster or adhesive tape. Put a sock and let stand overnight.

Lemon is an alternative to a clove of garlic.  Garlic is an antibacterial and anti fungal, often used to fight the annoying plantar warts.

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