Cancer is still the leading cause of death among people. There are a lot of types of cancer, and all of them brings significant harm in the human body and worst death.

It is a group of diseases that involve in the abnormal cell growth with the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Though there are some tumors which are benign and do not affect other organs.

When cancer begins, it produces minimal or no symptoms at all. Some types of cancer are only detected at a later stage. But these signs and symptoms appear as the tumor grows or ulcerates.

This is the reason why it is very important that people should be highly aware of their health and never ignore minimal symptoms that might be the beginning of a developing cancer in your body.

Here are the early warning signs a developing cancer in your body that you must not ignore:

1. Changes in weight and unexpected stomach growth

This is one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer that is mostly ignored because people who are affected might think that it is just some kind of other illness. Little did they know that unexpected stomach bloating and weight changes is already a sign of a growing cancer inside the body.

2. Pain in the lower back

Some people who feel lower back pain is the result of having a bad posture. But little did they know that pain in the lower back is an early sign and an indication of cancer. It can be the result of a developing breast tumor, spinal tumor, or liver cancer. It is best to have it checked immediately by a health practitioner in order to check the real reason behind it.

3. A long cough or pain in the chest

Coughing for a long period of time may not be only an indicator of tuberculosis especially if its linked to chest pain. It can also be an early sign of a developing tumor in the lungs or leukemia.

4. Difficulty in breathing

If you ever feel that you are having a hard time gasping for air for no reason and if you are too noisy breathing, then there might be something wrong with you. Difficulty in breathing may not only be related to respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and others, it can also be related to lung cancer.

5. Recurring infections and swollen lymph nodes

These symptoms are the initial signs of cancer experienced by patients with leukemia. They experience recurring both infections and fever since their immune system is lowered. Presence of swollen lymph nodes on armpits can also be a sign of breast cancer.

These early warning signs of cancer should not be ignored even if they only show minimal symptoms. It is advisable to be cautious and observant on the changes of your body. And it is best to consult your doctor for medical advice. Never self-medicate.

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