Dark chocolate lovers vs milk chocolate lovers.

Check out this list out and tell us whether it is true or false for you. Now you can definitely purchase chocolate with different flavors. However, these are not natural. That is why we decided to stick to the two traditional chocolate types and their lovers: Dark chocolate lovers vs milk chocolate lovers. By the way, don’t forget that dark chocolate is more useful, if your are sticking to a healthy and low calorie diet. So, it is better to chose chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, in order to maintain your weight. Also, you should know that chocolate containing hazelnuts is not the best choice for your body shape. However, let’s get back to your preferences.

Dark chocolate lovers are more romantic and more likely to get involved in serious and long lasting relations, while milk chocolate lovers like flirting. So, milk chocolate lovers have a lot of short and fun affairs. Is this true for you?

Dark chocolate lovers love to receive books, even on Valentine’s Day. Milk chocolate lovers will be impressed with jewelry only. We all know that attention is the most precious thing to get, but still, when it comes to presents, what would you prefer? Does your preference match with the chocolate you usually buy? Share with us.

Dark chocolate lovers like camping and hiking, so they don’t mind sitting around the campfire and singing songs. Milk chocolate lovers enjoy spending their time at a spa. In general they prefer a fancy lifestyle and love when beauty and luxury surrounds them. What about you?

Dark Chocolate lovers think rationally. They don’t really make spontaneous decisions. They prefer to think it over and give it some time. Milk chocolate lovers like to spread their wings. It is hard for them to tell themselves “no”, when it comes to another dress or a vacation. They enjoy spending money as well.

So, now you have some characteristics which go along with your preference in chocolate. Tell us, are they true or false for you? Are you really like spending your spare time at a spa and eating a milk chocolate bar? Do your love affairs match with your chocolate taste? We’re waiting for your comments!


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