How to Overcome Stress At Work Stacking

Work piling up, work deadline, your boss starts acting very annoying to continuously dissatisfied with work or even criticize your work plus family problems, problems with labour relations or other factors can often make you who already work experience of stress. Surprisingly, it just happened recently. Maybe this is a sign you begin to experience what is called burnout or what we call the saturation (which is usually caused by stress). Do not take lightly, one-one not only jobs but also your health is impaired.

Here are some things that can gradually cause stress in the workplace:

The working conditions are always under pressure

The ambiguity tasks assigned Lack of planning workThe threat between employeesShouts and curses of the consumer’s colleague who always has botheredDiscomfort as a disturbing noise, lack of ventilation, and others. It cannot be avoided. But remember that your health is paramount because the mind is tense can damage your health. Instead, you continue to feel depressed about it, and you can perform the following tips to reduce the burden of thinking:

Determine priorities. Indeed we cannot do all the work at once, then decide which is more important advance and must be completed. Plan your activities well: what, why, how, when, and who is responsible for these tasks. ‘It’s important to plan not only long-term but also the short term.

Rest for a moment. How busy you are, during recess, use the best time to relax. Do this several times a break for a few minutes during the work. Whenever possible, rest periods you to sleep at least 15 minutes. This can make your body and mind refreshed.

Enjoying life outside work. Do not confuse the work with personnel life. When you have free time/holiday, enjoy the best possible way. Create a good working environment. Have an attitude of tolerance to fellow colleagues. Be open and communicate with fellow colleagues, and also maintain your team spirit by holding small celebrations, exercise, or recreation together. Build a pleasant working climate.

Talk to your coworkers. Life in metropolitan makes a person tends to individualist. Often hang-out or lunch with colleagues. Who knows by talking with colleagues, you can find a solution to the problem. The faster you work, the easier you are attacked by stress. To overcome this problem, always carry paper and pencil to record the events that make you stressed out at work all day. Then after arriving at home, you try to sit down and reflect on what things are already happening today for five to 15 minutes.

Delegate some tasks. Delegate some of your responsibilities to your subordinates — leaves and refreshing. When you are very tired, try to get time off at your boss. Use your time off to visit places that you like with your family or your friends. Aid professionals. If you cannot find effective ways to overcome your problems, you should consult a counsellor/psychologist who cans cope with things like this.

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